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You will naturally have a soft spot for Porsche. If you’re a luxury car lover, you will be familiar with the reputation that Porsche have built upon their unique designs and top-end engineering. From tractors to the Boxster, the Porsche identity is one that encompasses distinction and prestige on every level. 

You may be glad to know that I am not going to discuss their contribution to the agricultural machinery market (although if I were seeking a used Porsche for under £10,000 I would seriously consider buying a classic Porsche tractor, along with a field, just to have the pleasure of hurtling about at 20mph). But the Good Life dream will have to wait a little while longer, because there hasn’t ever been a better time to invest in a luxury sports vehicle. With the recent economic crises, the price of a used Porsche is now an attractive possibility for a lot of folks than ever before. Used Porsche Dealer

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The used Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet which I got for a spin one sunny day in June was ideally suited to the weather. With the roof down and the cheeky handling making it a joy to be in the driving seat, it was easy to wonder if it was a one-climate wonder. Purring through town (it’s only fair to let everybody gawp at such a sterling motor), I was aware of heads turning. In a new or used Porsche you’ll definitely be looked at, you may even get small kids waving and the occasional thumbs up from other drivers. It’s not a brand for the wallflower.

Looking for a family car that will fit a month’s shopping in the boot, I must recommend that you look elsewhere. The charm of the 911 Turbo Cabriolet lies in its sense of freedom, the release from restriction that comes with having the wind in your hair and a well responsive car under your control. Being lucky enough to live in a semi-rural area, it’s a short jump from the town centre to quiet country roads. And that’s where the 911 really came alive. I felt that I could drive it all day long, but sadly it did have to be returned to the auto dealer before they closed. Having experienced the difficulties and benefits of taking it through different environments, I was satisfied that even the greyest, most miserable day wouldn’t impact the little used Porsche’s spirit. 

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It really is not the vehicle for everyone, and may be seen as an indulgence. But the used Porsche that I had in my greedy little paws for a few hours that day made driving feel like a pleasure rather than a chore, and I personally view this sort of outlay as an investment rather than a frivolity. If you’re in the position to take possession of a luxury sports car, a used Porsche is definitely worth looking into. Just like any car, search for an authorized used Porsche dealer, and if you do love a model take it for a thorough test-drive before buying. 

It goes without saying that any new Porsche is a big investment that demands regular care. Without special treatment and protection of both internal and external finishes, the investment will prematurely and considerably decline requiring a full reconditioning service or a big ding at trade-in time. One of the most over-looked ways Porsche owners can keep their sports vehicle or SUV in pristine condition is frequent use of a car cover, but what is the best sports car cover to use?

Ready-Fit Vs. Custom Fit 

According to my own experience with ready-fit and factory covers, I strongly suggest both Coverking and Covercraft, the two most respected and recognized names in covers. I appreciate that they are prepared here in the USA using the top-quality fabrics and precision manufacturing. What’s more, they are always a perfect fit for your exact Porsche (and exterior factory accessories), and that is guaranteed. The fit and finish highlights the sleek lines of your car, sure enough, but the true value of the snug fit is preventing scratching on windy days. The covers fit so beautifully they don’t move. 

Custom-Fit Vs. Factory 

Your local Porsche car dealer can order a plant embossed Porsche car cover for you, but take it from me, it isn’t the best choice. The quality level is more a result of the single-layer fabric, not the construction (everything Porsche puts its name on is top quality construction). I suppose if UV protection and dust are your only concerns, the dealer offering will do the job very well, but it would not be my personal choice. You have to dial-in the best fabric for your climate and use conditions. 

Let Porsche build world-class sports cars and SUVs, because a Covercraft or Coverking car cover has no substitute. What really astounds me is the wide selection of outdoor and indoor fabrics. Plus, most of the fabrics are offered in two or more colors. It looks like custom car covers have almost as many options and variations as a new Panamera. You have to love that! 

The Perfect “Car Guy” Gift 

Here is a thought for you. Car covers make amazing gifts, and not just for the holidays, either. Trust me on this one, ladies, if the man in your life drives a Porsche 911, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman, or even any of the awesome Cayenne SUVs, he’ll do cartwheels over a custom-fit cover for his pride and joy. I know, because I received a 911 car cover as a gift more than a decade ago and I still have it today! Save the ties and sweaters for stocking stuffers. What a car guy wants is a gift that acknowledges his love of autos. 

Here’s an important tip. If you’re shopping for a holiday gift, Father’s Day present, or even a thoughtful Birthday gift, you’ll need to determine just how he uses and parks his Porsche. For example, if he wipes it down daily after driving it and puts it safely in the car port, then he is an indoor car cover guy. Remember that storage space in a sports car is also a consideration. If he does not have a garage, a bulky outdoor cover could be an issue for him. If he really does need an external use cover, pick one of the lighter fabrics made for outdoor and indoor use. Oh, and don’t forget some of the little extras, like a locking cable.